Psychopath Diary (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 싸이코패스 다이어리
  • Directors: Lee Jong Jae
  • Air time: 4,5 at 21:30
  • Broadcast Period: 20/11/2019 to 09/01/2020
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Psychopath Diary (2019)

싸이코패스 다이어리

TV Series , Comedy , Crime , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | 06 Sub


Yook Dong Sik was running away from the scene of a murder and got into an accident. After waking up, he had no recollections of his memory and does not even know who he is. He only has with him a diary that recorded the process of murders and mistakes himself as a serial psychopath killer.
Yook Dong Sik, a 34-year-old employee. He thinks that he is a psychopath. He is so weak and timid that he can’t refuse anything at work and people at his office are using him. He became the scapegoat at his company. All his friends, colleagues and family are turning his back on him. He decided to leave this world and even wrote a suicide note. The place he decided to commit suicide is the murder scene. He got amnesia because of an accident at the scene and got the psychopath’s dairy in his hands. When he woke up, he thinks that he is the murderer.
Shim Bo Kyung, a 30-year-old, neighborhood police officer. She meets Dong Sik when he has amnesia. The more she knows about his story, the more she finds an unexpected look in him. She wants to catch the serial killer with Dong Sik as a partner of investigation.
Seo In Woo, 36-year-old, the director of the company Dong Sik works in. He is a cold and meticulous psychopath who lost his diary. On the day of his 7th crime, he met Dong Sik and things went wrong. He lost his diary where all his daily life and course of crime was written.
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Yoon Ye Hee Kim Eun Shil Support Role
Lee Hae Young Ryu Jae Joon [Police officer] Support Role
So Hee Jung Na In Hye Support Role
Choi Tae Hwan Shin Suk Hyun Support Role
Kim Myung Soo Shim Suk Gu [Bo Kyung's father] Support Role
Choi Sung Won Heo Taek Soo Support Role
Hwang Geum Byul Yook Ji Yun Support Role
Lee Min Ji Oh Mi Joo Support Role
Jo Shi Nae Han Jung Ah Support Role
Heo Sung Tae Jang Chil Sung Support Role
Kim Kyul Jo Yong Gu [Dong Shik's brother-in-law] Support Role
Jung Su Bin Yook Dong Chan Support Role
Kim Hye Na Seo Ji Yun Support Role
Hwang Sun Hee Jo Yu Jin Support Role
Han Soo Hyun Kim Mu Suk Support Role
Hong Seung Hee Unknown Unknown
Lee Han Wi Yook Jong Chul Support Role
Yoo Bi Seo Ji Hun Support Role
Choi Dae Chul Dong Chan Suk Support Role
Kim Ki Doo Park Jae Ho Support Role
Lee Kan Hee Lee Suk Yun Support Role
Park Jung Hak Seo Chung Hyun [In Woo's father] Support Role
Park Sung Hoon Seo In Woo Main Role
Yoon Shi Yoon Yook Dong Shik Main Role
Jung In Sun Shim Bo Kyung Main Role
Lee Jong Jae Unknown Unknown Role
Ryu Yong Jae Unknown Unknown Role
Kim Hwan Chae Unknown Unknown Role
Choi Sung Joon Unknown Unknown Role
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